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About Pilates

Pilates is a system of movement that can:

· build deep strength and flexibility

· invigorate and stimulate 

· give confidence and grace

· help align and support the spine

· improve circulation, breathing, and mental concentration and more! 

It is an exercise system that can be enjoyed by anyone with practice and a desire to feel better.

Created by Joseph Pilates to originally help bedridden patients regain mobility, it quickly evolved into a system to develop both the mind and body. This is achieved by creating awareness of movement, core strength and stability, and flexibility to support graceful efficient movement with emphasis on lengthening and aligning the spine and body. 

Joseph Pilates applied his six “Pilates principles”: center, control, concentration, precision, breath, and flow. His student Romana Kryzanowska identified her “five parts of the mind”: intelligence, memory, imagination, intuition, and will and desire. Both sets of concepts infuse our Classical Pilates instruction today.

SCHEDULE - Private and semi-private sessions available

  • Mondays and Fridays at the Craig Fire Training Center, Craig, MT
  • Tuesdays at Waxwing Pilates, Helena, MT

Call or email to schedule your session today. Now offering two locations to serve  you.
Call or email to schedule your session today. Now offering two locations to serve you.




I opened a Pilates Studio in Helena as an experiment in January of 2014. I was fresh with some new information and was part of a special group of people who had all formerly practiced Pilates and were without an instructor. I was working toward my certification and these people were willing to be some of my firsts. We rolled out mats and began the process of building this studio. Piece by piece the apparatus would arrive, each one in it’s own sweet time. We all built this studio through structure and practice of the brilliant movement system that we love so much. Now we are all so excited to have Emilie as the new owner of our studio and Denise joining our teaching team! The possibilities are endless with Waxwing Pilates!

I am so blessed to have found Pilates in my life. My amazing sister, Dr. Terri Hamilton, gifted me with three private sessions with instructor Quincetta Thompson. I was hooked! I found Pilates to be mysterious, confusing, and addicting all at the same time. I felt better every time I did it; I had to have it. When I was 9, I was diagnosed with an S curve scoliosis. By the time I was 12, my doctor and physical therapist were suggesting rods be surgically installed up both sides of my spine to stabilize my body. My movement throughout childhood was primarily gymnastics, which only inflamed the whole situation. Practice of Classical Pilates and Terri’s specific form of Chiropractic have drastically stabilized and straightened my spine. It will take a life-long practice of this magical movement system for me to stay flexible, strong, and graceful, and I am up for it! 

My instruction education came earlier in my life than I ever imagined was possible. I plan to continue my education through Peak Pilates and then branch into various other studies. I specialize in transformation of your entire system. We consider your goals, your current state of being, and what you can do to shift these patterns. I have a background in Bio-Entirety Zone Therapy as a Certified Zone Therapist. The combination of these movement systems and Terri’s Chiropractic, as well as Rapid Release, Bio-field Tuning, and Massage forms a beautiful ring of healing and transformation for any willing being. My life-long mission is to spread Pilates Education across the globe, empowering humans to take charge of their health through conscious mind/body movement.   

My dear husband and incredible children have supported me from the very beginning. From hauling the whole family down to Ennis for the education weekends to moving our house around so we could have studio space at home…this family unit…of this gift, I am in AWE. We live an hour outside of Helena, in the ranchlands of Wolf Creek. Our children are beginning full time school this year and Pilates instruction is high in demand in our town. I am excited to begin my journey so close to home.